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Jennifer believes that Public Radio is where the best stories go to get told.

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Nathan Wert / Wikimedia Commons

A new Indiana law that goes into effect July 1st will have home builders report the use of certain materials to fire departments. It’s meant to help save firefighters’ lives.

Home builders would have to report the use of engineered wood. Which is lightweight and cheap. It also burns faster.


Michigan Bridge Card holders can double the money they can spend on fresh produce at 144 farmer's markets across the state.

The Double Up Food Bucks program allows Michigan food stamp recipients to use their Bridge Card at farmer's markets and have the money matched.

So someone who spends $10 of their SNAP benefits on Michigan asparagus, cherries and blueberries will get $10 more to spend on more fruits and veggies.


The race for sheriff in St. Joseph County saw a number of twists in the last 24 hours.


Monday night Chuck Hurley, a former South Bend Police Chief announced he intended to run in November as an Independent. Hurley needs to gather 1,142 valid signatures before he is officially on the ballot.


Tim Corbett suspended the recount of the primary voting Tuesday morning. Corbett finished in May, 18 votes behind Bill Redman.

Tim Corbett has suspended the recount on the St. Joseph County Sheriff’s race.

Following the primary Corbett was 18 votes behind Bill Redman for the Democratic nomination. After the vote was audited the margin changed to 16 votes. Corbett said in statement ‘I cannot in good conscience continue with the recount.’

Corbett thanked his supporters and campaign staff and volunteers, as well as those on the recount commission.

The St. Joseph County Democrats announced they support Redman as the nominee.

DelMonte Fresh has announced a voluntary recall of some of its pre-packaged vegetable trays because they may be contaminated with Cyclospora parasites.

The parasite has been linked to at least 78 illnesses. The vegetable trays were sold in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Cyclospora parasites can cause intestinal illness with symptoms like diarrhea, cramping, bloating and nausea.

Former South Bend Police Chief Chuck Hurley has said he intends to run for St. Joseph County Sheriff.

Hurley spoke Monday night at a meeting for the Howard Park/East bank Neighborhood Association.

The South Bend Tribune Reports he decided to run because he felt Democratic candidate Bill Redman and Republican candidate Paul Jonas do not have the executive experience necessary for the job.


With school out for the summer more kids are staying out later. Local law enforcement want to remind kids and their parents that curfew laws are in place year round.

Most cities have curfew laws or follow the guidelines set by the state. In Indiana that’s between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. for kids under 15, and those under 18 during the week. On weekend nights 15 to 17 year olds can be out until 1 a.m.

In Michigan curfew is between midnight and 6 a.m. for anyone under 18, though some places, like St. Joe, have stricter policies.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg
City of South Bend



South Bend Mayor Pete Buttiegieg will be skipping the Indiana Democratic Party Convention this weekend and will instead be getting married.

Buttigieg is marrying his partner Chasten Glezman at the Cathedral of Saint James Episcopal Church in South Bend. The ceremony will be livestreamed on the church’s YouTube channel.

Jennifer Weingart


Journeyman Distillery has two weeks to start hauling off their waste in a short term agreement with the Village of Three Oaks to deal with water issues.

That was the conclusion to a contentious and well-attended council meeting Wednesday night.

What’s the Problem?

Three Oak’s wastewater ponds use bacteria to break down waste to the point where it is safe to dump into into local waterways. They can’t handle the waste from Journeyman.

Jennifer Weingart


The new merged Elkhart high school got a new name and mascot Tuesday night.

After a committee, more than 800 suggestions-narrowed to five, and votes by students--the name was to be Elkhart High School with a Mangy Lion mascot.

The board took issue with the ‘mangy’ part. Board member Glenn Duncan, “And the mascot I recommend as the Lion, not the Mangy Lion. That’s my motion.”

Jennifer Weingart


Mark Mow has been announced as the interim superintendent of Elkhart Community Schools.

Superintendent Rob Haworth resigned his post and was recently confirmed the new superintendent of Vigo County Schools.

Mark Mow was the superintendent at Elkhart starting in 2002. He had been at Elkhart Schools for 42 years when he retired. Haworth took over in 2012.

Mow said that experience will help him take the reigns, albeit temporarily.


The St. Joseph Michigan Public Safety Department is running a public training Wednesday night to teach people how to prevent and react to workplace violence including active shooter situations.


The training is tailored to small businesses, with a heavy emphasis on prevention.

Director of Public Safety Brian Uridge said the idea is to teach people to look for pre-incident indicators.

Scott Bauer / USDA



  It’s summer time, which means it’s peak season for ticks and mosquitoes. This year is shaping up to be a very active season for ticks in particular. There are ways to prevent these nuisances while enjoying the outdoors.

The Andrews University Dairy sign
Jennifer Weingart


Andrews University in Berrien Springs is closing down it’s dairy farm after more than a hundred years.

The dairy at Andrews is for teaching, but it’s also a working farm. Students in agriculture programs and other can work on the farm to offset thier tuition. The milk the cows produce is sold to a co-op and used mostly by a cheese maker in Benton Harbor.

Lately, the college hasn’t been able to get a good price for milk. They need $16 a hundredweight for the milk to break even.

The Village of Three Oaks


Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks has been issued a cease and desist order from the Village and told to either find an alternate wastewater disposal or quit production.


The Village of Three Oaks ordered Journeyman to stop production because the village is unable to handle the waste water they are creating.


The waste water system in the village is several ponds that hold the waste. They are scheduled to be dredged this fall. They have not been dredged since they were put in, in the 1970s.