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Jennifer believes that Public Radio is where the best stories go to get told.

When she's not chasing a story she can be found listening to NPR podcasts while running, baking recipes off Pinterest, doing something marching band related, or reading anything that stands still long enough. She also enjoys cats, dresses with weird prints, camping and TV shows with quality character development. She is a fantastic whistler.

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Showers and thunderstorms dumped rain across Michiana this weekend and still are today.

Experts say the area might see some flooding but nothing like February.


Michiana has seen several inches of rain in the last couple days with more on the way this evening.

Sam Lashley is a senior meteorologist with the national weather service. He says so far flooding has been minor.

Jennifer Weingart


President Donald Trump gave a few minutes at the podium to GOP U.S. Senate candidate Mike Braun at his rally in Elkhart last night.

Primary winner Braun tied himself to the president at the rally, as he did during the race.


President Donald Trump touched on the rallying points he’s had since he announced his candidacy: border security, repealing Obamacare, and the second amendment. But his big message of the night was electing more Republicans to Congress.

Jennifer Weingart


  President Donald Trump unveiled a new slogan at his rally in Elkhart and hurled insults at the democrats. He asked the crowd to vote Republican in November. They didn’t need convincing.

The crowd chanted ‘USA’ and ‘build that wall’ before President Donald Trump even entered the building.

Trump used tonight’s  rally to unveil his slogan for his 2020 re-election campaign.

“Make America Great Again wouldn’t work out too well, right? It’s going to be Keep America Great because that’s exactly where we’re heading.”

Jennifer Weingart

Ahead of the Rally in Elkhart tonight, supporters of President Donald Trump are lined up outside the Northside Gym, waiting for the doors to open.

Supporters from as far away as Florida and California wait in line, decked out in Trump gear. At the rally tonight the president is expected to talk about his tax plan and support local Republican candidates.

The rally starts at seven, but Bruce Spratling has been here since 9 a.m.. He’s from Florida but winters in Michigan. He’s got a Trump flag draped around his shoulder and a sign that says ‘stop H-1B visas.’


Now that primary elections are over in Indiana, winning candidates are looking ahead to the general election. Election officials are too.

There’s still time to register to cast a ballot in the general election.


Those not yet registered that want to vote in November have until October 9th.

Kim Riskovitch is with voter registration in St. Joseph county. She said there’s many ways to get that done.


Following primary voting, St. Joseph County Democrats are optimistic about November’s general election.

Mel Hall topped Democrats for the chance to face Jackie Walorski in the second district. Bill Redman sits at the top of a  Sheriff’s race that is so close it’ll be recounted and overall St. Joseph County Democrats are looking forward.

Mel Hall surronded by his family
Jennifer Weingart


Businessman and former minister Mel Hall topped the democratic primary for Indiana’s second congressional district tonight/last night. He spent his victory speech looking forward to November.

Mel Hall is wasting no time looking back on his primary victory. Though he took the time to thank those who had worked on his campaign, he spent the most time talking about how he would be in congress.



Despite issues getting enough poll workers for today’s primaries, people are voting largely without issue in St. Joseph County.

The phones are ringing near constantly in the voter registration office at the County-City building in South Bend.

On election day their main job is to handle any issues poll workers have in the field and answer voter questions, like where to vote.


Elkhart Community Schools has released a statement about President Donald Trump’s use of North Side Middle School Gym for a rally on Thursday.

The Trump rally was originally slated to be in South Bend. The location was changed over the weekend. The school board has since been protested by people angry that the public school would be used for a partisan political rally.

The statement read in part, “the Board of School Trustees acknowledges and respects the office of the President, regardless of party affiliations and positions.”


On Wednesday Goshen residents will be able to walk over and explore three newly built overpass bridges before they open to vehicle traffic.

The bridges will allow traffic in Goshen to flow better around the myriad train crossings. They go over the Marion Line, the big four railroad tracks and Lincoln Avenue.

The walk was the brainchild of Goshen resident Brent Rheinheimer who brought the idea to Mayor Jeremy Stutsman.



Indiana is gearing up for primary elections, but some places in Michigan will have voting Tuesday as well. Twenty-five school bond proposals are up for a vote across the state including one in Stevensville.

Lakeshore Public Schools is asking for $21 million for facility upgrades and maintenance, new playground equipment, buses and technology, among other things.

The University of Notre Dame


Over 10 days and more than 30 events The University of Notre Dame executed their first ‘Idea Week.’ Now that it’s over organizers are looking forward to next year.

Around 16 thousand people went to at least one event during Idea Week.

Things like the McCloskey New Venture Competition, or talks by Daymond Johns and Adam Savage, concerts from The Chainsmokers and Itzhak Perlman.

Nick Swisher is the director of communications at the Idea Center. He said they were glad to see the local residents at the events.

Irish 4 Reproductive Health


  A group of students at Notre Dame is seeking clarification on changes to their health care plans that go into effect starting July first. The confusion lies around reproductive health care.


The group, Irish 4 Reproductive Health, is circulating a petition demanding clarity on cost and coverage for birth control and other reproductive health services. It’s at 120 signatures and counting.

Wikimedia Commons


St. Joseph County is still short on poll workers a week ahead of the primary elections.

Two weeks ago St. Joe County was 300 poll workers short, now they’re about 75 short. It’s a much smaller gap, but the shortage could still make running the polls smoothly a challenge.

Arielle Brandy is the Democratic board member for voter registration in St. Joseph County.

Jennifer Weingart


The South Bend Police Department is adding body cameras to all its patrols.

South Bend’s Police Department has already started using body cameras. About 35 have been out since the beginning of the year. By June all 170 patrols will have a camera.

“This is about mutual accountability," said Chief Scott Ruzskowski. "It’s not just the officers, it’s the people that the officers are dealing with.”