Jazz by the Border

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Jazz By the Border was broadcast on WVPE Saturday nights from 9:00 pm-Midnight from 2001 to early 2015. Hosted by WVPE Program Director Lee Burdorf, the program was designed for true jazz fans featuring a larger variety of jazz than is heard on most jazz radio shows. The program concentrated on playing the very latest and best jazz music providing information on new releases for all styles. A featured artist was presented on every program along with a list of the top 5 jazz CD's for the week from the jazz charts (Jazzweek.com and Billboard Magazine). Classic jazz performances were also liberally sprinkled in every show. Special programs focus on the Best CD's of the year as well as Downbeat poll winners from both Critics and Readers. Edgy yet melodic--along the Indiana/Michigan 'border.’

TOP 25 JAZZ CD’S OF 2014 (As heard on WVPE’s Jazz by the Border)

Auguscik, Grazyna              Man Behind the Sun

Blade, Brian                           Landmarks

Borla, Janice                          Promises to Burn

Clarke, Stanley                      Up

Clearfield, Rob                      The Long and Short of It

Cline, Nels                               Macroscope

Felder, Nir                               Golden Age

Goodwin, Gordon                 Life in the Bubble

Hakim, Omar                         We Are One

Haupers, Mitch                      Invisible Cities

James Farm                            City Folk

Johnson, Eric/Mike Stern   Eclectic

Mason, Harvey                       Chameleon

McIntosh, Jimmy                  And……….

McLaughlin, John                The Boston Record

Metheny, Pat                           Kin

Rasmussen, P.J.                    Another Adventure

Russell, Catherine                Bring It Back

Schwartz, Anton                    Flash Mob

Snarky Puppy                         We Like It Here

Somi                                           The Lagos Music Station

Stigers, Curtis                        Hooray For Love

Trombone Shorty                 Say That to Say This

White, Walter                        Most Triumphant

Wright, J.J.                             Inward Looking Outward