Goats and Soda
5:12 pm
Tue November 25, 2014

In Pakistan, A Self-Styled Teacher Holds Class For 150 In A Cowshed

Aansoo Kohli is running a makeshift class in a cowshed for children who have no access to school.
Abdul Sattar for NPR

Originally published on Tue November 25, 2014 7:26 pm

Every day, shortly after breakfast, more than 150 noisy and eager-eyed kids, coated in dust from top to toe, troop into a mud cowshed in a sun-baked village among the cotton fields of southern Pakistan. The shed is no larger than the average American garage; the boys and girls squeeze together, knee-to-knee, on the dirt floor.

Words scrawled on a wooden plank hanging outside proudly proclaim this hovel to be a "school," although the pupils have no tables, chairs, shelves, maps or wall charts — let alone laptops, water coolers or lunch boxes.

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5:08 pm
Tue November 25, 2014

Kids Get In On The Action With NaNoWriMo

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5:08 pm
Tue November 25, 2014

Colleges Ill-Equipped To Investigate, Adjudicate Sexual Assaults

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4:03 pm
Tue November 25, 2014

Is Digital Learning More Cost-Effective? Maybe Not

President Barack Obama instructs guests on signing a digital pledge as he hosts 'ConnectED to the Future', in the East Room of the White House.
Pablo Martinez Monsivais AP

Originally published on Tue November 25, 2014 5:50 pm

Politicians from Jeb Bush to President Obama like to hype the revolutionary power and cost-effectiveness of digital learning, but a new study suggests, in many cases, it is neither more powerful nor cheaper than old-fashioned teaching.

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3:29 pm
Tue November 25, 2014

IU Emergency Drill Simulates Active Shooter On Campus

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The drill took place on campus and involved both Bloomington and IU police departments, the fire department and volunteers made up to look like victims.
In the wake of recent campus shootings at Florida State University and Purdue University, Indiana University held an exercise for the first time, today to simulate the event of a shooter on campus. Parts of campus were blocked off, a building was shut down and two police departments responded to a drill meant to prepare the campus in case of an armed individual.
Secret Lives Of Teachers
7:23 am
Tue November 25, 2014

Thought Bubbles And One-Liners From An Ohio Classroom

Chris Pearce/Teaching Comics

Originally published on Tue November 25, 2014 10:13 am

The NPR Ed team is discovering what teachers do when they're not teaching. Artist? Carpenter? Quidditch player? Explore our Secret Lives of Teachers series.

It's a typical day at Middletown High School in Middletown, Ohio. For review, Chris Pearce asks his English class to name the parts of speech.

"Pronoun!' one student responds.
"Proverb! That's one, right?" says another.

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Around the Nation
6:05 am
Tue November 25, 2014

Magazine Sheds Light On Allegations Of Rape Culture At UVA

Originally published on Tue November 25, 2014 3:08 pm

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The Two-Way
5:21 pm
Mon November 24, 2014

California College Students Walk Out Of Class To Protest Tuition Hikes

Students shout their disapproval after the University of California Board of Regents voted Nov. 20 to raise tuition. UC students across the state protested Monday by walking out of class.
Eric Risberg AP

Originally published on Mon November 24, 2014 9:05 pm

Students in the University of California system staged walkouts on campuses throughout the state Monday, in response to proposed tuition hikes at their schools. Last week, the UC Board of Regents voted for hikes of up to 5 percent a year, for the next five years, unless state funding is increased. California Gov. Jerry Brown has come out against the tuition increases, and as a UC regent himself, he also voted against the measure. But the regents approved the hike in a 14-7 vote.

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Tools Of The Trade
3:22 pm
Mon November 24, 2014

Tools Of The Trade: The Presidential Physical Fitness Test

Patches for the new Presidential Youth Fitness Program in Lauren Horton's office at Capital City Public Charter School in Washington, D.C.
Elissa Nadworny NPR

For this series, we've been thinking a lot about the iconic tools that some of us remember using — if only for a short time — in our early schooling. Things like the slide rule and protractor, recorder and Bunsen burner.

Mere mention of today's tool sends shivers up the spines of entire generations — the tool long used to measure physical fitness: the Presidential Physical Fitness Test.

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The Two-Way
4:01 pm
Sat November 22, 2014

UVA Bans Fraternities Until January In Wake Of Campus Rape Article

Saying she is acting out of ""great sorrow, great rage," University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan, seen here in April, is suspending all the school's fraternities until January.
Steve Helber AP

Originally published on Sat November 22, 2014 6:00 pm

Citing "great sorrow, great rage" and "great determination," University of Virginia President Teresa A. Sullivan says she's suspending all the school's fraternities until Jan. 9. The move comes days after a Rolling Stone article in which a woman described being gang-raped when she was a freshman in 2012.

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