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Fresh Food Initiative Advances Without Funding

Feb 24, 2017


Legislation creating a grant program to generate more healthy food options across the state has received overwhelming approval in the Indiana Senate. But there’s no money in the bill for those grants.

This week marked the last committee meetings of the first half of the session, as both chambers scramble to wrap up any bills they want to move forward into the second half of the session. Monday and Tuesday are the last days both chambers can approve a bill if they want it to move forward. The legislature will then take the rest of the week off and return the following Monday.

Appointed State Superintendent Gets Surprising Vote

The Indianapolis Public Schools Board approved a resolution Thursday pledging to protect undocumented and immigrant students from facing deportation and discrimination. 

It informs principals to not assist immigration enforcement officers unless legally required or authorized by the district.


House lawmakers rejected an attempt to get rid of the state’s moratorium on new nursing home construction.

The legislature put a moratorium on the construction of new nursing homes in 2015. It’s set to expire next summer and this session’s budget bill would extend the moratorium through 2023.


Senate lawmakers approved legislation to allow legislative staffers to carry guns in the Statehouse.

A gun regulations bill was amended in the Senate to include language that would allow legislative employees to carry guns into the building. Currently, only police, judges and lawmakers are allowed to do that.

Two lawmakers failed to assign the so-called “net-metering” bill for further study Thursday. It is now cleared for consideration by the full Senate.

Under current rules, Hoosiers who generate energy, like those with rooftop solar panels, can sell any excess energy back to utilities at a retail rate.


In 2014, Indiana lawmakers established a task force to study neonatal abstinence syndrome, or opioid withdrawal in newborns born dependent on the drugs. They found 20 percent of the sample set was born dependent on opioids.

Director of strategic initiatives at Reid Hospital, Lisa Suttle, says a few years ago staff at in Richmond noticed a trend.


A lead-contaminated public housing complex in East Chicago, Indiana could soon become a lead-contaminated vacant lot – and if local and federal officials can’t resolve a key dispute, it might stay that way for a long time.

That’s because the city and Environmental Protection Agency are at odds over redevelopment plans for the neighborhood.

Supporters Press On For Planned Parenthood

Feb 23, 2017


A rally for Planned Parenthood was held at the Indiana Statehouse Thursday. Supporters continue to tout all the health care services provided by the nonprofit, as anti-abortion advocates push to defund the organization.

Public affairs manager for Planned Parenthood Wanda Savala says more people are supporting the group than ever before.

“We’ve seen our donations tick up by factors of 10, we have seen thousands of folks coming in every month and saying I want to stand with Planned Parenthood, tell me how I can help,” Savala says.

A Senate committee voted Thursday to reduce the amount of money given to state-funded preschool. Democrats and many Republicans, including Gov. Eric Holcomb, advocated for a $10 million increase, but an amendment written by Senate Appropriations Chair Luke Kenley, R-Noblesville, reduces the increase for On My Way Pre-K to $3 million.

Republican President Donald Trump’s administration is changing the federal stance on guidelines to protect transgender students’ rights in schools, according to a letter sent to public schools.

The letter reverses former President Barack Obama’s landmark interpretation of law that would have withheld federal funds from schools if they forced transgender students to use bathrooms that don’t align with their gender identity. The Trump administration says they are withdrawing that guidance.


A Senate committee approved a bill that requires parents and guardians to be notified if their child tries to seek an abortion – without exceptions, even in cases of rape and incest.

Indiana abortion law requires a child under age 18 to receive parental consent for an abortion. If the child doesn’t want to inform her parents, she can go to court to receive a judicial waiver.

Senate Committee Scales Back Vaping Liquid Regulations

Feb 22, 2017


Senate lawmakers amended a bill to eliminate many of the state’s e-liquid manufacturing regulations and some manufacturers say the bill would pave the way for their return to the state.

Indiana’s existing vaping regulations shut out all but seven manufacturers, and that’s prompted lawsuits and an FBI inquiry.

Lawmakers Amend Bill To Clear Protesters From Roads

Feb 22, 2017


The Senate Local Government committee amended a bill requiring law enforcement to clear protesters from roadways by any means necessary, and the bill is expected to be watered down even more.

Azra Ceylan / WBAA

Massa also said to take note of anyone who went missing or changed plans around the time of the murders.

“Please do not rationalize tips away, rationalize what you think might not be important away, by thinking, ‘he would never do that to another human being',” says Police State Superintendent Doug Carter, adding the public should let law enforcement decide if a person is worth pursuing.