Indiana Energy Conference participants debate predicted effects of "cap & trade"

Program: All Things Sustainable

Reporter: Marianne Holland, IPBS; Host: Tony Krabill, WVPE

Airdate: 09/30/2009

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels told participants at the Indiana Energy Conference in Indianapolis Wednesday he's agnostic on the issue of climate change and that federal cap and trade legislation would hurt Indiana's manufacturing economy, while doing little to benefit the environment overall.


"The costs of this bill are certain, immediate, and very large.  The benefits of this bill are distant, speculative and miniscule," Daniels said.


But Jesse Kharbanda with the Hoosier Environmental Council says climate legislation will actually benefit people in the state.


"All bills across the country are going to go up because of this legislation but Indiana's still going to be in a very competitive position because there's a significant amount of incentives in the legislation to accommodate energy intensive economies like Indiana."


Daniels comments come on the same day Democrats in the U.S. Senate presented their climate change legislation.  The U.S. House passed its own version of cap and trade in July.

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