Daniels at Greater Elkhart Area Chamber of Commerce

Program: WVPE Features

Reporter: Michael Linville, WVPE

Airdate: 03/17/2010

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels was in Michiana Wednesday to speak to the Greater Elkhart Area Chamber of Commerce.


Governor Daniels appearance at the Elkhart Chamber was part victory lap, part dire economic warning and part pep rally.


The governor gave a slide show titled, "Fighting the Recession to Win" that he said showed Indiana was faring better during the current economic troubles than most states in the nation.


Daniels highlighted a recent survey of C-E-O's that placed Indiana among the top states in nation to locate a business, and a Forbes magazine study that said the state was one of the best in the cost of doing business.


The governor attributed those findings to what he called among the major goals of his administration keeping taxes low and encouraging economic investment.


But Daniels warned there are still tough times ahead, as the state is working with less revenue than any time since about 2004 and the state continues to whittle away at its rainy day fund.


Daniels' said if current economic trends continue the state will likely face more budget cuts next year.


Still the Governor says he remains optimistic about the future of Indiana and Elkhart. Daniels says one of the reason's so much attention has been focused on the city recently is because of the suddenness of the recession's economic impact on Elkhart's vibrant economy - a vibrancy the governor said he's sure the area will see again.

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