Morel Mushrooms, Building Code Veto, Green Energy Pessimist

Program: All Things Sustainable

Reporter: Tony Krabill, WVPE; with contributions from IPBS, MPRN

Airdate: 05/13/2009

Morel mushroom hunting in Michigan (Dustin Dwyer, Michigan Radio)

Indiana state treasurer waxes pessimistic before Optimists on green energy (Kristin Malavenda, WBAA, West Lafayette)


Building Codes Veto

The author of legislation recently vetoed by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is now planning to seek an override of the governor's action. The bill would have required Indiana to update its energy efficiency codes for the construction of new commercial buildings. In a statement, Governor Daniels said he vetoed the bill because he has already directed the Indiana Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission to begin that process. But bill author State Representative Ryan Dvorak says the law is needed to ensure the job is completed in a timely manner.

"I think legislative pressure led this to happen in the first place, but it's not done yet. The problem is the state has begun the process of updating these conservation codes before, but they never got around to actually completing it so they are starting over again from the beginning. It's important that we pass the legislation because it requires the process actually be completed by 2010," Dvorak said.  "The legislature held hearings both through summer study sessions and through the regular session on why Indiana was so far behind in energy conservation code. After we held those hearings and legislation was filed, that's when the governor started to move ahead on updating the energy conservation codes." 

Dvorak says he worked with the administration in writing the bill and was surprised by the veto. The legislation passed the Indiana House by a vote of 91 to 0 and the Senate 47 to 2. It takes a simple majority to override the veto. Dvorak says he will work to seek an override vote as soon as possible, which could include the special session likely to begin next month.  -Marianne Holland, Indiana Public Broadcasting

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