2018 Goshen Health Entertainment Series

The mission of Goshen Health is to improve the health of our communities by providing innovative, outstanding care and services through exceptional people doing exceptional work. For the seventh consecutive year, Goshen Health is supporting the summer Entertainment Series that is a very valuable benefit of membership. We encourage you to express your gratitude if given opportunity. June 1 - Meet Me on the Island 5:30 – 10:00 pm Whistle Pigs & Fireworks! The Whistle Pigs Dance is a seven-...

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Haworth Resigns from ECS, moving on to Vigo County

Elkhart Community Schools has confirmed that superintendent Rob Haworth has tendered his resignation. In a statement Haworth and the school board cited his need to be closer to family. Haworth is awaiting board approval to be the new superintendent of Vigo County School Corporation in Terre Haute. Haworth was the champion of the Elkhart Promise, a $33 million plan to reorganise the school district, merging the two high schools, creating a freshman academy, and overhauling curriculum pathways....

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Feel like packing up everything you own and moving to a big city?

The latest figures from the U.S. Census Bureau released Thursday, indicate you're most likely to be thinking of relocating from the Northeast to one of the fastest growing large cities in the South. Specifically, to Texas where seven of the nation's fastest growing cities are located.

Things were going terribly wrong. Ato Boropi could feel it.

Dozens of villagers had squeezed next to each other on the floor of a one-room church perched on a mountain in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Several more huddled along the walls outside, as rain pummeled the corrugated metal roof.

It's not your imagination. A recent spike in home runs has hit professional baseball.

In 2015, Major League Baseball's home run rate averaged 1.01 per game (it had been 0.86 the year before). In 2016, it grew to 1.16. Last year it was 1.26.

Theories have abounded as to why, many centering on the balls having been altered, or "juiced."

A top congressional Democrat is urging the Justice Department and the FBI to launch a criminal investigation into how a confidential informant's name made its way into media coverage.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler, of New York, said he was "deeply disturbed" after the identity of an FBI source who met with Donald Trump's campaign officials in 2016 to gather intelligence on Russian election interference was later conveyed to reporters.

The New York City Department of Homeless Services is moving forward with plans to convert a hotel into a shelter for homeless families in Blissville, Queens.

The new shelter at the Fairfield Inn will be the third to open in the tiny Long Island City neighborhood over the past few months. Residents are protesting the new shelter, which is one of 90 that Mayor Bill de Blasio plans to open in the city over the next few years.

Chaos is neither friend nor foe. It just is. This week: two very different perspectives on how to deal with life's most tumultuous moments.

We begin in 2015, in a poor slum in the West African country of Liberia. Police have just discovered a young man, dead and covered in stab wounds. Tests show he was infected with a terrifying disease that causes raging fever, severe internal bleeding, and kills up to 90 percent of the people it touches: Ebola.

"You can be aristocratic without having been born into an aristocratic family." This is the gospel according to André Leon Talley, who rose from a childhood in segregated Durham, North Carolina, to become a fashion maven with Vogue, Women's Wear Daily, Andy Warhol's Factory and America's Next Top Model. The things that made Talley an outcast in childhood (his race, his larger-than-life stature, his sexuality, his affinity for capes) were what gave him the aura of royalty once he entered the fashion world.

Nothing much happens in Summer 1993, the film Spain submitted for consideration in the best foreign film category of the most recent Academy Awards. Nothing much, unless you count the fits and starts of a little girl's inchoate grief over the death of her mother.

That's huge, and filmmaker Carla Simon is in delicately assured command of her material, not least because her mother was one of thousands of Spaniards who died of AIDS in the early 1990 — just before anti-retroviral medications became available — leaving Simon an orphan at six years old.

'Mary Shelley' Is Less Than The Sum Of Its Parts

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Nearly all moviegoers know the plot of Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, which Mary Shelley precociously wrote at 18. Many of them are also familiar with the novel's backstory, dramatized in such films as Gothic and Haunted Summer: Mary was challenged to write a ghost story in competition with no less than Lord Byron and her future husband, Percy Bysshe Shelley.


A conversation with Dave Freeman about his book "A Year in the Wilderness: Bearing Witness in the B

Morning Edition host Michael Linville speaks with Dave Freeman about the book he and his wife wrote about their year in one of our nation's largest wilderness areas and about their efforts to stop sulfide ore copper mining near The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

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