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Where's Car Talk?

Car Talk will end in September. While still popular, it has lost many listeners recently. However, it remains a costly program. So WVPE is moving Car Talk to our second HD channel, NEWS2 , because programs aired on HD channels do not cost as much as when they are on the main FM. Car Talk will air Saturdays at 9:00 am and Sundays at noon. You can still listen, but you need to listen on this website (click the triangle on-its-side button), use our smart phone app, or use an HD enabled radio....

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Holcomb: "The State Of Our State Is Sound"

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Gov. Eric Holcomb used his State of the State address to make another pitch for creating a long-term, sustainable road funding plan. But he also continues to avoid specifics on how to pay for that plan.

Legislative leaders have said they want the governor to be a strong voice for the tax increases that are likely to be part of the road funding plan. Holcomb only says that if the state asks Hoosiers to invest more in their infrastructure, the return will be worth it.

In a flood of clemency orders before he leaves office, President Obama commuted the sentences of 209 people and pardoned 64 others on Tuesday. The vast majority of offenders had been convicted of drug-related crimes. Two were involved in cases about leaks of government material. And two were cultural stars of past decades who had run afoul of the IRS.

President-elect Donald Trump's pick to head the U.S. Department of Interior, Rep. Ryan Zinke, R-Mont., says he does not believe climate change is a hoax and promises to bring a Teddy Roosevelt-style approach to managing federal public lands.

Zinke made the comments at a confirmation hearing before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Tuesday. The congressman and decorated former Navy SEAL commander faced about four hours of questioning.

A quarter-century ago, North Carolina's Yadkin County had more than 350 tobacco farms.

Now that number is down to just a few dozen.

Chuck Wooten's farm was among those tobacco farms. It's been in his family for at least five generations. Now, the land sprouts soybeans, pumpkins, strawberries.

Farming's not the only thing that has been in his family a long time, he explains.

"Some people love sports, some people love hunting, some people love fishing. My dad loved politics," Wooten says.

Kenya is gearing up for what will no doubt be a contentious presidential election this August.

A partial repeal of Obamacare could leave 18 million people who have insurance today with no coverage one year later, according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

The report estimates that 32 million people would lose their insurance over 10 years.

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There's the heroic, lightning-quick medical care that saves us from crises. And then there's the slow-but-steady incremental medical attention that doctors provide for weeks, months, years, even decades in the attempt to heal complex conditions.

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President-elect Donald Trump's pick to lead the Education Department took the hot seat today for her Senate confirmation hearing. Here is billionaire Betsy DeVos making her case to the Senate Committee on Education.

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Indiana and Michigan State of the State Addresses

Tuesday, January 17, 7 PM WVPE will air both Indiana and Michigan's state of the state addresses, simultaneously. Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb will deliver his first address to the General Assembly and you can hear it live on our main channel at 88.1 WVPE. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder will be broadcast on WVPE News2 , which you can hear on an HD radio, online or on the WVPE app. If you have further questions, on this website, choose ABOUT and WAYS TO LISTEN .

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