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Tony has hosted All Things Considered on WVPE for much of the past two decades. He joined the station as ATC host in August 1997, then switched to Morning Edition in August 2000. One of his Morning Edition newscasts earned WVPE a Best Radio Newscast Award from the Associated Press in 2002. Tony left WVPE in January 2002 to work in communications and marketing at Mennonite Mission Network and worked as a freelance audio producer before returning to WVPE in 2007. An Iowa native, Tony got his start in radio as a student at Eastern Mennonite University (EMU), Harrisonburg, Va., and managed the radio station there for three years after graduating. He also worked in commercial and Christian radio prior to his first stint at WVPE. Tony lives with his family in Elkhart.


10:05 am
Thu March 26, 2015

Governor Pence To Sign So Called ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Today

RFRA supporters say it is meant to protect against the government infringing on religious beliefs, but critics contend it will legalize discrimination.
Photo: Gretchen Frazee Gov. Mike Pence is scheduled to sign the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act, also known as RFRA, today. It is expected to be signed in a private ceremony closed off from the press and public. The most common criticism of the bill is that it will sanction discrimination, particularly against the LGBT community.
5:18 pm
Wed March 25, 2015

Safe Haven ‘Baby Boxes’ Measure Faces Changes In Committee

The legislature would now have to pass another bill next year to authorize the boxes.
Photo: Gretchen Frazee Senate lawmakers Wednesday added a hurdle to a bill that would have allowed newborn incubators, or "baby boxes" to be placed at locations such as churches and fire stations. The legislature would now have to pass another bill next year to authorize the boxes.
9:43 am
Thu March 5, 2015

Notre Dame President Hesburgh Remembered

Former President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice spoke Wednesday at the tribute service.
Members of the Notre Dame community and leaders from across the state and country are honoring the late Rev. Theodore Hesburgh today. The University of Notre Dame president died Feb. 26 at the age of 97. Follow the live event on Twitter with WFIU reporters Gretchen Frazee and Barbara Harrington.
11:46 am
Fri February 20, 2015

Indiana House Rejects Attempt To Remove Core Of Sunday Alcohol Bill

House lawmakers Thursday narrowly defeated an attempt to scale back some of the regulations in a bill legalizing Sunday alcohol sales.
In committee Rep. Tom Dermody, R-LaPorte, added to his bill stringent new regulations for non-liquor stores that sell alcohol. Those include requirements to section off alcohol to one area in the store and mandating that hard liquor be put behind a counter.
11:46 am
Fri February 20, 2015

‘Chemical Cremation’ Bill Moves To House Floor

The vote marks the first time a bill legalizing alkaline hydrolysis has successfully cleared an Indiana legislative committee.
Photo: Courtesy of Joe Wilson Alkaline hydrolysis, a process that uses chemicals to dissolve human remains in place of traditional burial and cremation methods, is one step closer to becoming legal in Indiana. A bill that would legalize the process, commonly referred to as "chemical cremation," cleared the house's Public Health Committee 11 to 1 on Wednesday.
11:16 am
Fri February 20, 2015

Changes To Casino Bill Could Cost Counties Millions

An amendment to the gaming bill would eliminate some of the money local communities receive from casinos.
Local communities with casinos could face significant financial losses under changes made Thursday in the House Ways and Means Committee to gaming industry legislation. Communities where casinos are located currently get four pots of money because of those facilities: 1) the admittance tax, 2) the wagering tax, 3) money from the state to supplement previous losses in the admittance tax, and 4) local development agreements, or LDAs - essentially, side contracts with the casinos themselves.
11:12 am
Fri February 20, 2015

Committee Approves Bill Creating Alternative Energy Fee

A bill approved Wednesday in a House committee would allow utilities to charge future alternative energy customers a fee.
Indiana utility companies say customers who use alternative energy sources such as solar panels aren't paying their fair share for using the state's energy infrastructure. A bill approved Wednesday in a House committee would allow utilities to charge future alternative energy customers a fee.
11:06 am
Fri February 20, 2015

Bill That Lists Synthetic Drug Compounds Passes Committee

Sen. Jim Merritt, R-Indianapolis, authored Senate Bill 93, which would list all illegal substances used in these drugs within the state’s administrative code.
A Senate committee passed a bill Wednesday that would clarify the state's prohibition on synthetic drugs and the compounds used to make them. The legislation comes after an existing law was overturned by a state appellate court.
5:09 pm
Wed February 11, 2015

The Clock Is Counting Down On Open Enrollment

Open enrollment for health insurance through the federal marketplace ends Sunday.
Time is running out to enroll in a health insurance plan through the federal marketplace. Open enrollment ends Feb. 15. After that date, uninsured Americans could be subject to penalties. And, those will be higher than they were in 2014.
5:06 pm
Wed February 11, 2015

Proponents Flip Sides On Sunday Sales After Amendment

The amended bill legalizes Sunday sales while creating significant new regulations for non-liquor stores that sell alcohol.
Photo: WFIU Debate over legislation legalizing Sunday alcohol sales in Indiana has been turned on its head after a house committee made a major addition to the bill Wednesday. Rep. Tom Dermody, R-LaPorte, added an amendment to his Sunday sales bill that creates significant new regulations for non-liquor stores that sell alcohol.