Cold beers explansion fails to pass commission vote

Dec 1, 2017


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A state study commission working to modernize Indiana’s alcohol laws did not get the support needed to recommend expanding cold beer sales.

A vote to recommend allowing cold beer sales in more businesses, like convenience stores, came one vote short of passing.

The convenience chain Ricker’s sparked this year’s debate, when it secured restaurant permits that allow cold beer and hard liquor for carryout. Its owner Jay Ricker says the state choosing who can and cannot sell cold beer creates a legal – but unfair – monopoly.

“And you heard in there today, people defending, ‘Well it’s not a monopoly.’ Well it is. When you only have one channel of trade who can sell cold beer, whether they have one store in a town or whether there’s 40 stores and they have 4 or 5 owners, it’s still a monopoly.”

Grocery and liquor stores partnered recently to advocate for legalized alcohol sales on Sunday….while opposing cold beer expansion.

The study commission voted last month to recommend Sunday sales.