Local ski areas glad for snow, cold weather

Dec 14, 2017


Ski Hills around Michiana are looking forward to higher amounts of snow this year after two years of low snowfall.

The last two years have been rough for ski hills. Snowfall amounts have been low, and temps have been higher, making it difficult to make snow.

Jamie Stafne is the spokesperson for Swiss Valley Ski Area in Jones, Michigan. She said the cold snowy weather right now is ideal for their snow-making equipment.

“We are slaves to the weather, and this year it’s definitely cooperating. The temperatures that are in the low 20s and teens are optimal for making snow.”

Stafne said even if there is a good amount of snow, Swiss Valley and most other ski areas across the country will still make snow. Including two others near Kalamazoo, Timber Ridge and Bittersweet.

She said they build a base of about 36 inches of snow on their runs, most of which will be snow they make. She says even with made snow, people tend not to come skiing unless they see it on their windowsills.