Taste of the Gardens Art Fair Seeking Entries

May 18, 2017

Taste of the Gardens is a ticketed public event featuring fine art, live music and many local restaurants.  Artists will be chosen via a jury process consisting of a maximum of 3 works, with a maximum of 10 photos.   Judging will take place at 11am on the day of the event.  Each artist will designate up to 3 works for review by placing a Yellow Dot, with only three works per booth.   In the event more than one artists shares a booth, there will still only be 3 works reviewed per booth.  

The Taste of the Gardens art fair is intended to be a "Fine Arts" show, therefore any submission that may be deemed otherwise will not be accepted.  Examples may include jewelry assembled from bought components, items portraying logos or other commercial expressions, or any items that do not appear to be "one of a kind" or "hand-made" by the displaying artist.  The Taste of the Gardens committee reserves the right to decline to accept media that does not meet this criterion.  Click HERE fore application information.