October program changes at WVPE

Sep 26, 2017

Though our primary network is NPR, WVPE also brings you live news from several other networks and pro­ducers at “sister” public radio stations. One such program has been To the Point from KCRW in Los Ange­les. It has been nice to have a news program produced outside the East Coast, but Warren Olney has an­nounced that To the Point will soon become a weekly podcast.

Humankind ends weekly distribution

May 3, 2017

Humankind has aired early Sunday mornings on WVPE since 2000. Recently, the producers announced they would no longer distribute weekly programs to stations.

"Humankind will continue producing documentaries and other specials in the coming years, which we’ll announce as they become available,” wrote Humankind Host and Executive Producer David Freudberg in a letter to stations. The program remains available as a podcast.